Traditional Thai masaža

Massage is performed on the floor in a traditional way. It’s a technique that is used by more than 1,000 years, originating from the temple Wat Pho in Bangkok. Massage is performed by pressing the palms, thumbs, elbows, feet and knees on the acupressure points distributed throughout the body, thereby opening up the energy channels and enhancing the energy flow in the body.

Accelerates blood circulation, improves your immune system, increases mobility of joints, stimulates lymphatic system, offers a sense of spiritual and physical balance.

traditional thai massage with oils and thaibalm

Traditional thai massage with stretching and pressures applied to particular acupressure body points is combined with a massage with balm for the best effect on your body: it relaxes, improves circulation and flexibility, enhances immune system and effects the overall well being.


Relax and get rid of stress by foot massage. The foot massage relaxes the entire body, helps with pain relief, lessens tension and fatigue.


Massage with aloe vera gel helps maintain skin health, soothes it and removes discomfort like dryness and itching, it restores sun burnt skin and reduces other irritations.


Discover all the benefits of a bamboo massage –body massage with bamboo canes of different lengths and diameters that improves circulation, effects deep tissue, acts as lymphatic drainage and is deeply relaxing.

face, neck & neckline care and massage

Face, neck and décolleté treatment cleans, detoxicates and enhances both the looks and general skin condition, and massage improves skin tonus and circulation, relaxing both the massaged parts and the entire body. During face massage we apply hydro mask and nourishing cream so that skin would get all the necessary resources needed for regeneration and skin rejuvenation.


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50 minute traditional Thai massage with aroma therapy and tiger fat 40 € (301,38 kn), 75 min - 60 € (452,07 kn), 100 min - 80 € (602,76 kn).

Working hours

Massage closed until 1.2.2023.